Monday, July 25, 2011

Travelogue: Australia – Hen Night

Nobody has to tell me that I dote on Saga. I know it! 

When I first got her, Saga's breeder and my friend, Kelly, gave me dog handling lessons. She was showing me how to work with Saga, how to walk her, how to make sure she understood that she was to do what I told her to, etc. During this, she told me that I had to make sure that Saga never forgot who was in charge.

I surmised then that she knew exactly who was in charge: she was and she wanted me to remember it!

What other possible reason could there be for me selecting the kennel at which I board her based on the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the kennels, and the ability to have her made to feel special. The kennel has a package that we get for Saga that includes the usual kennel; exterior play yard, and feeding. But it also has a bonus walk in the park that the kennel boarders, special cuddle time daily, and an evening treat (doggy ice cream) for dessert each evening.

The other cool thing that they do is they let Saga use the computer on her first evening to send me an email letting me know that she is doing well. The first time I saw one of these I burst out laughing. It is sweet, and it still makes me chuckle, but it wasn't until last night that it was so effective a conversation-starter.

The local pub had a Hen Night (Bachelorette Party) going on as I was sitting there checking email. My life is not so exciting that I have to hide anything to keep people from being jealous, so I was sitting at the bar, oblivious to my surroundings as I read and caught-up on my email. I saw the email from Best Friends (Saga's Kennel) and gave a little smile as I opened it. I knew it was going to be the usual greeting from Saga. She didn't disappoint. I was reading her email: ("Daddy, I am enjoying my stay at the doggy resort. I hope you're having a great trip. Hurry home!") when I heard an exclamation behind me:

"Ow, innut she luvleh!"

This was joined almost immediately by agreement by another voice: "She is, she really is! Juss luvleh! She your dog, gahr-on, then, luv! Whazzer name?"

I introduced Saga in absentia as the two women who had been on their way to the bar to order another round, called over a couple more of the party. I was soon introducing Saga to the whole group. The women explained that their friend was getting married. I toasted the happy bride-to-be and wished them well. Now, if only Saga worked as well on single women!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you've made new friends!

Don Bergquist – 25 July 2011 – Maida Vale, Brent, England, United Kingdom

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