Friday, February 04, 2011

Travelogue: Wind

The wind has been howling past the windows all day today! This building is so noisy when the wind is gusting as much as it has been.

It has sounded like a jet engine roaring outside the office all day long. The wind has been gusting well above gale force all day long! It has put me in mind of the earliest poem I can remember learning:

The Wind
By E. Rendall

Why does the wind so want to be
Here in my little room with me?
He's all the world to blow about,
But just because I keep him out
He cannot be a moment still,
But frets upon my window sill,

And sometimes brings a noisy rain
To help him batter at the pane.
Upon my door he comes to knock.
He rattles, rattles at the lock
And lifts the latch and stirs the key -
Then waits a moment breathlessly,

And soon, more fiercely than before,
He shakes my little trembling door,
And though "Come in, Come in !" I say,
He neither comes in nor goes away.

Barefoot across the chilly floor
I run and open wide the door;
He rushes in, and back again
He goes to batter, door and pane,
Pleased to have blown my candle out.
He's all the world to blow about,

Why does he want so much to be
Here in my little room with me ?

Wherever you are today, I hope you are blessed with clement and calm weather!

Don Bergquist - 04 February 2011 - Maida Vale, London, UK

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