Monday, February 21, 2011


Did anyone hear this week that a certain windbag from the right (he who is so pompous that if you look up "bloviate" in the dictionary you find his picture) has been attacking the first lady for being unfit?

The "Flatulence In Broadcasting" blowhard had the impudence to actually accuse Michelle Obama of being fat! I am not poster child for the heroine look myself, but excuse me, Rush, Really!?

You really don't have room to speak on the subject of people who could stand to lose a few pounds. There are plenty of actual things you could attack the first family for, but really? To call her out for eating spare ribs? All those pain meds you have been taking are getting to you. Either that or you're starting to believe your own press.

One way or the other, it comes down to this: You're losing it!

Speaking of losing it, the darling of the Tea Party, the half-term governess of America's Northern Frontier has attacked the first lady for having suggested that breast feeding is a good thing.

Put aside the fact that most pediatricians agree with this advice, Ms. Palin's suggestion is that the idea is spurred by the fact that a gallon of milk in the supermarket is so expensive.

Aside from the fact that most pediatricians also agree you should not feed your infants cow's milk, this is a dumb comment because part of the reason milk is so expensive is the price supports that are in place to help farmers make it on the meager living they can scratch out of the land.

I am a great supporter of the first amendment. (that's not the one with the guns in it, Sarah... it is the one that allows me to speak my piece and prevents the government from shoving your religion on me... but I digress) I believe in the first amendment so I will defend the rights these idiots have to spout their venomous vilification of those they disagree with. I just wish more people would point out to the the American people when they are attempting to baffle with bullshit a population which, if you accept the recent polling, wish that both sides would just shut-up and get back to work.

Wherever you are today, I hope you're having a relatively misinformation-free day!

Don Bergquist - February 21, 2011 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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