Friday, August 05, 2005

Why bother to make plans?

Some times I wonder why I bother to make plans.

As you may remember, the plan was that last night I was going to leave the office, return to the hotel, grab a pint and a bite to eat at the pub and hit the sack early.

I met-up with Terry and Angie on the road home to the pub and ended-up staying considerately longer than I had intended. We had a few pints, chatted, shared some Dutch chocolates that Robert and Anouk had brought back from their trip to The Netherlands this weekend, and generally had a good and relaxing time.

When my friends from the palace showed-up later, we had a pint and we played Jenga for a while. I was much better at it last night than I was last weekend. Of the three games we played last night I only lost one... last weekend the count, I believe, was that I lost five out of the seven we played!

Anyway, Trevor tossed us out of the pub at closing time and so I was not in bed until well after eleven. I did, however, get up this morning well before six, take my early morning stroll to the office and get arrived shortly after six o'clock. I had a number of things I had to accomplish today. It is just now after six o'clock this evening and I am sitting in my hotel (I'm just back) and I accomplished all but about a third of what I needed to do.

I would have probably finished it all but for the fact that our network was down all morning! So much for coming in early! I plan to now, close this PC, go to the pub to meet a friend and we are headed out for curry. (oops, there I go making plans again!)

I hope your day was smooth sailing and according to plan.

Don Bergquist - 05-August-2005 - Hampton Court, United Kingdom

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