Sunday, August 07, 2005

After the Beer Festival

My self showered and changed into clean clothing and no longer smelling like a little girl's semi-digested lunch, I headed over to The Kings Arms. There I spent a couple pleasant hours chatting with Paul and Bev and petting the dogs. Ginger, who was abused as a puppy before he lucked into getting taken in by Paul and Bev, doesn't really like strangers (and really doesn't like men) but seems to have developed a trust and even a fondness for me over the past eight months.

Perhaps, though, it was just all those dog biscuits I have given him.

Later in the evening, the contingent from the Lion Gate Hotel returned from the British Beer Festival. Trevor, Lucy, Terry, and Angie had gone earlier in the week. Kevin had offered me a ticket, but since it ran from noon to five, I had to demure. I could not take the time off work.

After the Beer Festival

I have no idea what the hats were all about, except festivals, no matter what the presumprive reason for holding the festival, always seem to offer a variety of silly hats for people to purchase. This one was, obviously, no exception.

They were all in good spirits and apparently no worse for the wear (the people, not the hats) and we chatted for a while before I made good on my origianal plan and headed off to the hotel and to bed.

This morning, I have had a lovely lie-in, and a leisurely breakfast. It being my last weekend this trip, I think I will finish-up a little paperwork I have, go into Kingston (or as they would have you know "the Ancient and Royal Village of Kingston upon Thames." and do a little shopping, and then perhaps spend some time in the palace. Tomorrow and Tuesday are bound to be hectic days.

I hope your day today goes well!

Don Bergquist - 07-August-2005 - Hampton Court, United Kingdom

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