Monday, August 08, 2005

Another Weather Report

Current Nearest Observations
60 Degrees
Relative Humidity (%): 61
Pressure (mB): 1021, Falling
Visibility: Excellent

In the nearly eight months that I have been coming here there has not been a day more perfect than yesterday visiting the Hampton Court Palace and touring the gardens. My friends who work at the palace have been suggesting the gardens tour for months but the weather has never actually cooperated. Yesterday, however, the temperatures were, well - temperate! The sky was nearly clear (good lighting) with only enough clouds to give the sky photographic interest. The humidity, while more humid than I am used to in Denver, was low enough to be comfortable. There were no winds to speak of so it was the perfect day for touring and photographing the gardens.

My friends at the palace were correct, it is a must-see tour! There is a lot of history to the tour, you see things that most people visiting the palace do not get a chance to see. If you are lucky, then you'll get Gillian as your tour guide. Gillian is the keeper of the great vine. (or at least one of them...) The great vine is a single grape vine that covers an entire arbor that is bigger than most greenhouses I have ever seen. It is apparently the oldest and largest grape vine in the UK.

My morning stared after a bit of a lie-in. I stayed abed until well after 08:00 am. It was not that it was a late night; it was just that it was a lazy morning. I had a leisurely breakfast in the dining room and lingered over the morning paper and a third cup of coffee. I then set out for Kingston to do some shopping. (Yes, the Ancient and Royal Village of Kingston upon Thames!) I had a few things that I needed to pick-up and some things that I need for the remaining few days here.

I have no idea what this building is, but I love its shape and the gilded statue of Queen Victoria on the fa├žade. I took some shots of the building while crossing the village between the places I needed to go and am pleased on the way they came out. This is why I almost always carry a camera with me!

That afternoon, I headed to the palace and toured some of the Grace and Favor apartments in the upper reaches of the palace. There is a display there on the tenants of these Grace and Favor Apartments that were once the only residents of the palace. It is an interesting exhibit and shows not only how the residents of the apartments lived, but how their servants also lived.

After the tour, I headed to the pub for a couple pints and a bite of dinner. I met up with Bev and Paul and had a pleasant evening chatting. What a lovely day! A perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

I hope your weekend was pleasant and your week is successful!

Don Bergquist - 08-August-2005 - Thames Ditton, United Kingdom

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