Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rainy Saturday

I should not be surprised about the amount of time it takes to get over Jet Lag.

I was supposed to be going to a bar with a friend last night. His neighbor is in a band that is playing at a local bar that has music on the weekends. However, when he called, I was completely out of it. I was so fast asleep that I think I may have incorporated the sound of the telephone ringing into my dreams.

I did sleep in this morning, however. I was able to stay in bed until just after six when Saga decided it was time to wake-up Daddy. I do not know why she thought this would be such a good idea. She wanted to go out, but it was miserable when we got outside!

Apparently, we had some thunderstorms last night. This morning there was nearly an inch in my rain gauge. (This on top of the nearly five inches I found there when I returned on Thursday. - Lynn said that the rain had all come in the past few days.) The morning news is calling for drizzle all day. I have already made my run to the grocery store, the temperatures hovering around sixty make it a perfect day to get under the covers and watch TV and read all day. I certainly do not want to spend a lot of time out there so inside it is.

I hoe you are warm and cozy wherever today finds you!

Don Bergquist - 13-August-2005 - Lakewood, Colorado

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