Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Travel Delays

The tannoy has just announced another change to the gate that the people on the flight to New York will be using. I have lost count; mostly because I have spent most of the past few hours walking the concourse or sitting and reading my book. I finished the book that I was reading about half an hour ago and since they have said that my flight will not be moving any time soon, I have decided to do some work.

They haven't said exactly what the problem is, but I am sure it is something stupid. The plane was supposed to leave at 12:50 but since it is now 12:45, I am pretty sure we will not make that. Apparently, some problem with the catering is delaying the flight to New York. They announced this on the tannoy just now and the group around just snickered. I guess I have nothing to complain about, though. I am getting to leave London just before the big heat wave strikes, I will be arriving in Denver just as the heat wave they have been having seems to be breaking and I will be home tonight with my dog by my side. Well, that is unless we are delayed much longer. I have only two hours to change planes at O'Hare.

It is amazing that with the amount of travel I have done in the past fifteen years I have been delayed as little as I have. There was one time I had to stay in Minnesota over night because of a delay that caused me to miss my connection. ...and there was one cancellation that caused my direct flight from Michigan to Denver to be diverted to Minneapolis for the night. Other than that, I cannot really think of anything that has caused me issue on the road. Knock wood!

Update: they are now saying that we should leave at 13:50. Hmmm. I guess I had best go to the desk and see if I can get a re-routing. I will never make it through customs, claim my bags, re-check them and get to a plane in one hour at O'Hare! So for now, I guess I will sign-off and talk to the gate agent.

I hope your day is progressing according to schedule

Don Bergquist - 10-August-2005 - Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom

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