Monday, August 30, 2010

The Story Of The Bird

This morning, I want to share an story written by my sister. The story came to me in an email; copied to a number of family members. It chronicles an amazing thing that happened recently while my family was gathered at my uncle's home in Minnesota.

As a rule, I rarely forward inspirational stories. But having personally witnessed the events outlined in this story and having been personally moved by them, I really wanted to forward this one.

If you are not a member of my family (or a close friend with whom I have shared some of my family's stories) then you may need a few points laid out for this story to make sense. The "Jeanne" mentioned in this story is my mom. She died in a traffic accident in May of 1980.

My family recently lost my Aunt Diane (who was married to my Uncle Dick) in a traffic accident. The pictures (and part of the story) are from a family gathering at Dick's house after the funeral service for my Aunt Diane.


The story of The Bird is one that is becoming a Bergquist Family Legacy. It started in 1980 after the funeral of Jeannie Bergquist.

Dick was plowing in his fields, it was a hot May day, but Dick was thinking of Jeannie, and his brother's tragic loss. As Dick was plowing, he kept seeing a shadow, he thought it was a bird flying just out of sight, but he kept seeing the shadow of this bird, just above him, yet in and out of the field he was plowing darting in and out but never seeing the bird itself, just the shadow. As Dick told the story, this shadow continued for quite a while, Dick even stopped the tractor, got off, to see if he could find the bird.

After over fifteen minutes Dick finally saw the bird, it was small, but it lifted itself off the ground and flew away. At that single moment, Dick felt Jeannie, her presence, and knew she was in Heaven, and that all would be all right. The story was told, all nodded in agreement, and then forgotten as the Family healed from the tragic loss. Even as Dick re-told the story thirty years later, it brought tears to all of our eyes.

Nearly thirty years later, after the funeral for Diane, the family gathered at the Farm to grieve over the tragic loss of Diane Bergquist. We were all inside the house when Levi Bergquist (Dirk's son) came into the house with a tiny bird that he had found out in the yard. When we all saw the bird in his hands, it appeared dead. We all thought it was gone, but over the next several hours, Levi provided the bird with a box, padding, and love. He gave the bird food and water, and tenderness. Towards nightfall, the bird had regained his strength, and then would not leave Levi. The story of Diane Bergquist and Jeannie Bergquist and now linked.

The attached photos are of the Bird, now completely domesticated, and watching over Dick and his grandchildren: Chantell, Callista, and Levi. The Bird was hopping and sitting on the Bergquist Family, bringing hope, healing, and love to a grieving family gathering. Frequently we represent the Holy Spirit as a bird in artwork. May you all find your own inspiration in these two remarkable stories.

It is my hope that another thirty years pass before our family gathers in this manner. As part of the extended Bergquist Family, please remember and share this story and the gift that it brings to all of us.

Love to all

Mary Bergquist

Wherever you are today, I hope that you will remember to share your family stories with those you love!

Don Bergquist - August 30, 2010 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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