Sunday, August 08, 2010


Well! That was relatively painless.

The flight actually arrived early and after making my way to passport control, where I was third in line, and collecting my luggage, it was only a short wait for my car to collect me. I did have to page them, it turns out they were not given the UAL flight number. It was a code-share flight and they had the flight number for one of the other airlines, but it was the United Airlines flight that was posted on the board.

No biggy! I paged the driver and we made it to my hotel in good time despite the fact that the hotel is right next to Wembley stadium and there is a big match on today. So, Wembley is not where I wanted to be.

I have always found that the best way to get onto UK time is to get out and get a little exercise. Walk around, take pictures, do almost anything to stay awake until a normal hour and then head to bed. So that is just what I did. I took the tube into central London, got some pictures of some of the buildings I missed shooting last time I was here. (I love the reflections you can get out of what one of my friends here calls the great glass gherkin. - Though, I think it looks more like an Easter egg than a pickle.)

Tonight I had a simple meal, a traditional Sunday roast, in the hotel restaurant; tomorrow I head into the office for the first time. Tonight, although I am trying to stay up until at least ten, I think I will turn in early. I am thoroughly knackered!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you have had a lovely weekend!

Don Bergquist - 08 August 2010 - Wembley, Middlesex, UK

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