Friday, August 20, 2010

Somewhere Over The Atlantic

Amazingly, the flight is not full. As we were waiting the gate agent to finish her count and exit the aircraft, the woman who had been assigned the middle seat in my row (the one right next to me) had turned to me and asked if I thought the flight was full.

"When I checked in, the seat you're sitting in was the only one on the seat map that was showing as empty." I replied. We exchanged names and chatted briefly and looked around the cabin. There were at least a dozen seats in the area we were seated in that were still vacant.

"I hope you won't be insulted," she said to me apologetically as the gate agent started the announcement that they were sealing the bulkhead. "But I am going to move up next to my colleague. We have some work to complete on the flight."

So, I had the row to myself until we had taken off and were in the air, then a guy from the row behind me came up to take the seat at the other end of the row. The dozen empty seats are now more-or-less spread evenly around the cabin, all in middle seats.

Although I will have been up for nearly twenty hours by the time I get home, it will only be about five local time and so I have decided to stay awake the entire trip. (…like I can ever sleep on a plane anyway!) So I have been watching movies and reading to pass the time. I finished my book three hours into the flight and (as it is the book I found on the plane on the way here) I have tucked it into the seat pocket ahead of me. If you find it, I hope that you enjoy it.

My battery is running low. I really need to finish this up and get it stowed. What movies are left? Perhaps they will help me pass the flight.

Wherever you are today, I hope your day is going well.

Don Bergquist - 20 August 2010 - United Airlines Flight UA939, Somewhere Over The North Atlantic

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