Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breakfast In A Pub

There are a couple ways to get to the office here in Wembley.

If it is nice and not raining too hard, I walk. If I have plans, as I do this evening, I will walk into the Wembley Central station and get the tube down to the office and that allows me to get the tube pass before the high rates go into effect. It also saves me a few minutes on the evening rush to get down to wherever I am headed.

On mornings I take the tube down to the office, I stop at a local pub for breakfast. They do a nice breakfast here of eggs, mushrooms, toast, bacon, and coffee. It is yummy and the pub is not a bad one. But it is still a pub and that means that if you are there in the morning for breakfast, you may see people having a pint or a tipple (or both) while you're having that last sip of coffee.

Now, I remember when I visited Belgium with some friends a few years back. There, the bars closed around two-or three but were open again at six when I went out for my morning walk. But to see someone having a couple drinks this early in London just seems wrong.

Not that I am a prude; far from it. I would just more expect to see someone with a cuppa this early in the morning - not in the cups. Oh well. To each his (or her) own!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you're enjoying the morning beverage of your choice!

Don Bergquist - 17 August 2010 - Wembley, Middlesex, UK

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