Sunday, July 24, 2005

You Don't See That Every Day!

How here is something you don't see every day, rain and clouds in the United Kingdom! It was pouring when the plane landed this afternoon. By the time I got to the hotel it had stopped and was just a bit overcast. Who'd have thunk it would be raining in England. How unusual!

A Cloudy Day at Hampton Court Palace
Okay, now that I have the sarcasm out of the way, it is a bit like returning home after going on holiday. I walked into the Kings Arms this evening and it was as if I had been gone a couple days instead of a couple months.
My friends at the pub were all there and we had a great time catching-up. My friend Kevin, the constable, told me about his trip to California to see a couple friends of his; Angie and Terry told me about their Trip to Kenya, Paul and Bev brought me up to speed on the latest doings; their dogs begged cookies off me; Robert and Anuch (I know I misspelled her name, but I cannot spell anything in Dutch!) caught me up on the doings at the hotel. There were many rounds of beer and a couple Gin and Tonics at the hotel bar after we where tossed out of the pub. (The new Publican is much stricter about closing time than Brian had been.)
I was asked by someone if I found it odd that I was considered a local on both sides of the Atlantic. I know in the US there is a concept of being Bi-Coastal. I guess I am Bi-Continental. (C'mon, England counts as being in Europe even if it is an island off the coast!)
It is a bit of a strange feeling, now that you come to mention it. I know my way around pretty well. I understand a lot of the local references, but the historical ones still flummox me. (Damn the Dade County School System for not teaching a more global view of history. Did you know that we fought a couple wars against this country? Who Knew!) All-in-all, though I am glad that I am not thought of as a tourist over here. That is really a welcome feeling. I guess I had best post this and get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!
I hope you feel welcome and at home where ever today finds you!
Don Bergquist - 24-July-2005 - Hampton Court, England (United Kingdom)

PS: In answer to the question I keep getting asked; no, I am not concerned about coming to The UK at this time. For one thing I work in Thames Ditton. Who would want to attack such a small village? It may be years before anyone even hears about it! Secondly, The English are good at coping. I believe that they will persevere. I like that about them. Finally, I refuse to let the terrorists win. Regardless of your political views of what is going on in the world, if you change what you do (or are willing to do) based on the terrorist attacks, the terrorists achieve their goals. So, no, I am not afraid of being here.

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