Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'm Back Home Again.

Hello All!

At the risk of turning this into a medical update billboard, I need to let everyone know who has asked that yes, I am fine. To those of you who I did not get a chance to tell in person, I am sorry. As you will see, it was not a good week for me. To people who do not know or care who I am or how I am doing, you may want to look for another site to read this week. This will probably not be an entry you would care to read.

Last weekend I spend pleasantly enough. I had planned to add a description to the picture I posted last week explaining how I had spent a pleasant weekend. I spent Saturday doing my normal Saturday errands and then on Sunday I went for a drive in the mountains with one of my friends/coworkers from the UK. Later on Saturday afternoon, we went up to Fairplay for a barbecue at the cabin of another friend/coworker from Denver. It was quite pleasant and nice. We saw the Florissant Fossil Beds, and had an overall great time. Sunday night is when it all took a turn for the worst.

As I walked Saga and prepared for bed I realized that I was feeling chilled. I figured that I had the A/C set a little high so I pulled the covers onto the bed and went to sleep. Monday I was not feeling great. I pretty much lie on the couch and pet the dog. I was just bursting with lethargy! Tuesday was another thing altogether.

Tuesday morning I awoke with a fever of 103. I took some aspirin and went back to bed, determined to call the doctor when he opened. By the time I awoke, I had a normal temperature again so I called the doctor, said that I was running a fever and asked what he thought. He said that he thought I was doing just fine. Drink juices, rest, and take aspirin or Tylenol to keep my fever down. If I spiked again, I should either call or go to the emergency room. For most of the next couple of days, my fever stayed at about one hundred degrees.

Wednesday night was when I hit 103 again. This time, my left shin was also swollen and red. I went to the emergency room and was pumped full of antibiotics and told to go home, take an antibiotic that was prescribed and call my Primary Care Physician or come back to the emergency room if the fever spiked again or if the swelling spread.

By 05:00 the next morning, you guessed it; I was back off to the emergency room. I was checked into the hospital later that afternoon and have been there since. The actual diagnosis was that I had cellulitis. I have been there since they were trying to make sure that it was nothing more serious and discharged this afternoon.

Have I mentioned I hate being in the hospital? Even as a Visitor! I do find it odd, though, that approximately this time last year; I had cellulitis after spending time in the mountains. Granted it was in a different location, but I find it odd.

All better now though, I am off to work tomorrow. I hope that next week's entry will be more entertaining for all and less painful for me!

Wherever you are, I hope you are fit and well!

Don Bergquist - 10-July-2005 - Lakewood, Colorado

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