Saturday, July 30, 2005

British Bar-Be-Cue

This afternoon I was invited to a barbecue at the home of my friends Terry and Agnie in West Molesey. The plan was made remotely. Angie's parents were coming to town and they had planned a gathering. They asked if I was going to be here the thirtieth and if I was, would I care to attend a bar-be-cue. I said that I was and that I would.

It was a lovely time... even with the rain.

I met-up with a friend at the Kings Arms pub and had a quick pint before heading across the bridge to Molesey. It had cleared considerably since this morning and so Kevin put the top down on the convertible and we headed across the Thames. The good weather held for almost all of the five minute trip.

Angie and Terry had put out quite a respectable spread.

There were a variety of imported beers and wines, hard liquor, and wonderful dips and spreads. It was all so wonderful. Except the mango salsa. (In all fairness I assume the mango salsa was okay, but being that I dislike and am allergic to mangoes, I will never know.) I tried a dish I had never had before: baba ganoush. It was quite yummy and I now have a new recipe that I can try at the beach next time I am there.

The weather was good... then it was bad... then it was good again. Eventually it started to rain and we had to move inside. All told, we spent a few lovely hours eating, chatting, sipping a few beers, looking at the pictures Terry and Angie took on their recent trip to Kenya. It was great. Later on in the evening, we piled into a cab and headed back across the bridge into Hampton Court to have a nightcap in the Kings Arms.

As this story would conclude if it appeared in one of the local papers in Minnesota: "...a good time was had by all."

I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

Don Bergquist - 30-July-2005 - Hampton Court, United Kingdom.

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