Saturday, March 19, 2005

Walking to Work

I decided today to take you to work with me. I know that there is a slight problem with this in that you cannot actually walk to work with me, but I have a solution! I am going to take a picture every hundred steps along the way from my hotel, the Lion Gate Hotel in Hampton Court, to the offices of Harris Corporation in the Ferry Works, Thames Ditton.

Ferry Works at Thames Ditton

In the pictures (at the link above) you will see a number of shots taken along the way to the office. When I set-out, I had intended to take a picture every 100 steps. Unfortunately, I think I forgot to take one every 100 steps and I got distracted going through The Wilderness and wanted to take some pictures.

Today was absolutely gorgeous! It was bright and sunny and about sixty-five. The outside tables at the King’s Arms pub were already full as I walked past it on the way through the Lion Gate.

I stopped to take a picture of the tracks as they cross summer road because I liked the way the disappeared off into the distance. It was a busy day at the sport ground with a bunch of the local kids playing soccer or rugby or something.

That being said, it is off to the office.

On the way to the office we start-out crossing the yard at The Mews at the Lion Gate Inn in Hampton Court. The day is sunny and warm and the sky is absolutely blue and clear. Rounding the wall around The Mews courtyard, we get to the Lion Gate. I took a number of pictures of the columns and the gate before entering The Wilderness.

By the way, you’ll notice in a number of these pictures some vignetting. Unfortunately, this is caused by the inclusion of three filters that I had on the front of the camera. I should have taken one of them off, but I didn’t see the vignetting as I was taking the pictures. Oh well.

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