Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dr. Who

Yes, the cult classic is back!

Some friends from the pub invited me into Richmond to watch the premier this evening with them. Never the one to show-up empty handed, I brought some cheeses, some crackers, and some bread. It was a lovely evening.

We chatted for a while, about old music, old episodes of Dr. Who and American television. It was wonderful. Around 19:00, we turned on the Television to watch the show. It is more compact than the old episodes I remember. The show this evening had the entire problem resolved in 45 minutes as opposed to the old four-part episodes with cliffhangers at the end of the first three and the wrap-up on the fourth week.

I like it. The TARDIS is updated and the reaction when Rose walks into it for the first time is, perhaps, the best acted reaction that I have ever seen. Where as most side-kicks look around in awe when they first walk in, Rose walked in, did a wonderful double-take; she then backed out of the TARDIS in terror, ran around the callbox outside telegraphing beautifully how perplexed she was that it was bigger on the inside then on the outside. She runs back in only when being chased by a creature.

Afterward we talked about our thoughts on the new Doctor and how the updates played. It was late when I headed home. My host graciously offered to walk me to the bus stop but I am independent, and with the light rain that is now falling, I thanked him for the offer and we parted on the walk outside his home.

I am now on the bus for the 45-minute ride back to Hampton Court a noisy altercation was occurring at the last stop and a (Drunk? Stoned? Just fricking obnoxious?) person just stormed onto the bus. She flipped off her (Friend? Lover? Enemy? John?) person who she was arguing with and then stomped to the back of the bus where she has been sitting and kicking things noisily. The elderly couple across the aisle and I keep exchanging glances… What next?

Well, I guess I will sign-off now. I am on my way back to the hotel to pack. The time changes to GMT Summer Time tonight so I lose an hour this weekend. I lose another next weekend in Denver! Isn't travel fun?

I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Don Bergquist – 26-March-2005 – Somewhere along the Thames, United Kingdom

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