Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yule Blog - New Year's Eve

Where does the time go!?

Not only have Saga and I been here in Minnesota for three weeks now, but the year is over. It is time to start thinking about heading back to Denver.

My father is making a good recovery from his surgery and my presence here is no longer required. I am pretty sure that Flo and Dad will be able to handle things now without further assistance. (Besides, there is that old show biz adage: “Always leave them wanting more!”)

So this afternoon, I will be spending some time packing the car. Then tomorrow morning Saga and I head west again. As of this time, the predictions are still for good roads (once I hit the interstate) and though the temperatures along part of the route are slated to be sub-zero, it still looks like it will be a good day to drive. (…and that’s 0° Fahrenheit and not the wimpy 0° Celsius, which is a nice, warm spring day here in Minnesota!)

The first part of the trip is the only part that may be a bit harrowing. I went to visit my uncle up on the family homestead yesterday and the county roads where sheets of ice. I have a secondary state highway all the way to the border and then a couple county roads in South Dakota to get to the interstate, a trip that usually takes just about an hour… I’m thinking I’ll be taking that part of the trip a bit slower tomorrow.

So that’s the plan, pack the car before bed tonight (everything but what I’ll need in the morning, Saga’s bedding and food, and the thermoses), celebrate the end of the year – though not too much, and then take off whenever I get up and about in the morning.

But I have a full day with my parents left so I am going to enjoy it! Perhaps a game of scrabble or some cards would be in order!

Wherever you are this morning, I hope that you are closing-out the year with those you love!

Don Bergquist – December 31, 2009 – Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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