Sunday, December 06, 2009

Musings On A Snowy Morning

It is a cold and snowy morning in Lakewood, Colorado; the kind of morning that makes Saga try to walk without three of her feet hitting the ground. It was ten degrees out when we went for our walk at five-thirty. The snow was coming down in heavy flurries; the flakes light and downy, the kind you get when it is this cold.

The water-to-snow ratio is really low. The three inches of snow in the meter gave me only a tenth of an inch of water. There is a lot of the snow, though! And walking through the heavy snowfall in Saga's park, the noises were muffled by the falling crystals.

It is a lovely morning to sit at my computer and try to get my Christmas mailing finished. I would usually have a couple more weeks to finish it, but as Saga and I are headed to Minnesota to help-out while Dad recovers from surgery, I am under the gun to get the mailing out by the end of the week.

But with the snow falling, it is such a nice morning to be sitting in my warm office, sipping my coffee, and writing. Every once-in-a-while, Saga comes up to check-up on her daddy who is, once again, staring at that glowing panel on his desk which has apparently nothing to do with providing her food... and wouldn't it be better if he petted her and gave her a "good girl" now-and-then? That would make him happy! I think she just appreciates the occasional attention.

Wherever you are today, I hope you are with someone who appreciates you and that your day is conducive to doing what needs to be done.

Don Bergquist - December 06, 2009 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA


Anonymous said...

On a TV ad I saw today it said that the true heroes in this world are the care givers. I admire what you and Saga are doing going to Minnesota to help your dad recover. You and Saga are among the true heroes of this world.

Anonymous Reader

Don Bergquist said...

Dear Anonymous Reader:

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Is it really that notable to go and lend a hand when a family member is recuperating from surgery?

It never occurred to me that I wouldn't be lending a hand. My view is that this is what a family does for each other. Sure, it is Minnesota, in the winter, but you can't control when or where you family will need you.

The statement that Saga and I were going to Minnesota was an off-handed comment only meant to explain why I had to get my Christmas Mailing finished yesterday. Wouldn't it be a great place to live if my blog entry was nothing notable; if everybody was willing to lend a hand when needed?

Have a great day, Anonymous Reader and again, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.