Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The skies have cleared, but of course, that means the cold has really set in! Winter in Minnesota... Need I say more?

The mornings have been lovely, though. And since I sit at my PC by the kitchen window that faces east from before sunrise until it is time to shut-down (with occasional breaks to get coffee or tea) I get a great show as the sun paints the sky behind the woods first grayish blue, then red, orange, and yellow in turns.

I pop some music in the player, and get down to testing, looking-up over the monitor while waiting for a test to finish or a screen to paint and taking in the beauty of the morning.

Wherever you are this morning, I hope you're having a lovely one in your neck of the woods!

Don Bergquist - December 16, 2009 - Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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