Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life Is A Bitch


I have to be quiet. Daddy is sleeping and I am using his glowing box while he is in the other room. I need to get this done quick.

You've got to help me! Daddy spends his day looking at this thing when he could be spending it playing with me and petting me. He brought me to a place that is cold and snowy when I could be at home. A place that doesn't smell like another dog.

It started a week ago; he put me into my kennel in the car. That was pretty cool! I love going for rides in the car. Well, unless they end at the vet or the groomer. But nice long rides in the car? Those are great! Daddy often gives me carrots while we're driving; and I get to get out of the car occasionally to smell new things… and pee on them! Why can't we do that all that time!?

But then we arrived here. And Daddy brought me to this place where there a big dog who has to be herded or she will think she owns the place. And what's up with that! She eats the food that Daddy puts out; she tries to make Daddy pet her; and she comes along after me and pees right over where I have just peed! the nerve!

Something has to be done! Please, magic glowing box, help me! I've seen Daddy stare at you for long periods of time and lake the clacking noise that I can here when I hit this thingy with the letters on it and then he will suddenly get all happy and pet me. So if you are some magic box or something… get Daddy to take me home. It's too damn cold here.

Get to work on it magic glowing box!

Saga – December 20, 2009 – Someplace cold and snowy with a big mean dog!

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