Monday, October 26, 2009

Still Sniffling!

From what I understand, it may be another week before the sniffles abate, but that is the last remaining vestiges from last weekend's cold.

Saga and I passed a calm and relaxing weekend doing nothing much of any consequence. I caught-up on some correspondence, did a little work on my photo catalogue, and basically just took it easy.

With all the snow yesterday it was really not conducive to going out anyway.

This morning it is cold and clear. The roads are clean and dry (it was too warm yesterday for the snow to stack-up) and Saga and I have had a lovely walk in her park. The coyotes were crying earlier when we went out… Saga gets pretty tentative about going too deep into the park when the howls are too near to the border we live on.

So we walked the perimeter of the park for a while and now, I am sipping the last of my morning coffee; it will soon be time for me to head into the office. Another day – another 68¢ after taxes!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you're well and that your weather is lovely!

Don Bergquist – October 26, 2009 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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