Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yule Blog - New Year's Day

The year has come in lovely and spring-like here in Denver. Saga and I went for our morning walk in her park a bit late this morning, but then I have a justification! About the time I would normally have been getting up and getting ready for a Thursday at the office, I was with friends, playing cards.

What a wonderful party! My friends had invited me over to ring-in the new year and the crowd was festive, the wine was flowing, the evening was... long! I was thinking about it, it was the first party given by my friends (this particular set) that I have been in town for in a few years... I have missed hanging-out with my friends!

We toasted in the year; listened to music; danced; talked books, news, and other topics; and watched the children setting off fireworks at midnight. It was a heck of a party. When I finally got home this morning, Saga was ready to go for a walk - and why not? It was about the time I would have walked her before heading off to work.

I then headed upstairs, turned off the radio (which had automatically cycled on at 04:45am) and crawled into bed. Today is going to be fairly low-key. It is a lovely day so Saga and I will be spending some time in the park. I may even head off and take a bike ride! Who know... the year is starting out beautifully.

Wherever you are today, I wish you a wonderful start to your new year!

Don Bergquist - January 01, 2009 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA
Don't forget to write "2009" on checks today!

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