Wednesday, January 07, 2009


It's been the big story of the day... I have seen this story on all three of the local newscasts I saw yesterday and the ABC Morning news picked it up this morning as well, so I figured: "Why not?" Have you seen the story? Some unfortunate guy moons Vail resort for fifteen minutes after slipping off the ski lift. Unfortunately, there was a camera and a photographer around to document it.

Perhaps this wasn't exactly the point, but the guy must be glad that he listened to his mother when she advised him to wear clean shorts! Ya just never know when you're going to board a ski lift and have it remove your trousers for you! If you haven't seen this story (repeatedly) you can go out to The Smoking Gun website to read the story.

This morning, on ABC there was an additional bit of the story shared by the news. The guy who took the... uh... revealing photos was an employee of the resort. He has been suspended (apparently) while the resort sorts out what he was doing releasing such embarrassing photos. What was the guy thinking?

I mean he had to know that it wouldn't end well if he intentionally spread what his employer would find embarrassing pictures. As the old song says:

"C'est la vie", say the old folks
It goes to slow you never can tell

Wherever you are today, I hope all your exposure is positive and that you're wearing clean shorts... just in case!

Don Bergquist - January 07, 2009 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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