Monday, May 18, 2009

Young At Heart

There is something about puppies that brings out the kid in you!

Dad still has a few of the puppies his bitch whelped a few weeks ago around and they are just at that fun age where everything is an adventure and a challenge. We took a walk in the woods yesterday and they found the woods full of things that were irresistable!

One even decided to "fetch" a "stick" she found that was bigger around than she was. The pictures were not very good on that one, but if you piucture this little guy trying to retrieve a branch that was twice as big as her mouth... it was too cute!

I am having a very relaxing time spending time here with my folks. If only I had brought a bow tie it would be just like when I was a kid! Wait a minute! I HATED that bow tie!

Wherever you are today, I hope you're feeling like a kid!

Don Bergquist - May 18, 2009 - Kensington, Minnesota, USA


Hyperspider said...


Don Bergquist said...

Lots of puppies!

Last week there were eleven. They have been being sold-off... we were down to three when I got here and one was sold yesterday. The next-to-last one goes today and the last one will leave with my brother for Alabama after the party this weekend!


Of course, Saga is freaking out over this... she doesn't really care for the little ones chasing her hither, thither, and yon. Some times you just sort of need this patch of woods to yourself!

Thanks again for reading and commenting on my blog!