Monday, June 25, 2012

Unusual Marketing Ploy

I thought to myself as I read the sign: “Why would anyone take this deal!? Sure, it is only 2¢ but still…”

I was standing at the cooler case in the gas station where I had just filled my car this weekend. It was HOT (about 105°) and I was about to run my car through the wash. I wanted a cold drink to take the edge off the heat as I waited for the wash. That was when I saw the signs.

The sodas were priced at 99¢ each, or two for $2.00. I looked askance at the sign and tried to figure out why anyone would take this deal. You’re better off buying two single sodas for $1.98 than getting two for $2.00.

I grabbed the one that I wanted and walked-up to the register where the young lady behind the counter scanned the soda and announced that it would be $1.78.

“Excuse me?” I asked. I knew there would be tax, but not 79% “Those are marked at 99¢.” I said motioning toward the sign.

“No. The register says they are $1.78.” she replied pointing at the read-out.

I turned and looked over at the sign, I looked at her, it was clear that she could see the sign from where she was standing. “I’m sorry,” I started, “but if they are $1.78 on the register, why are they marked 99¢ in the case? You can see that sign, can’t you?”

It was at this point that I heard one of the most ill-conceived marketing ploys ever: “I don’t need to look at the sign,” she petulantly replied to me “I know what the price is. $1.78!”

You can’t argue with logic like that. So I didn’t. I walked out leaving the $1.78/99¢ soda on the counter and her gaping at me as I went.

Wherever you are today I home that you have a cool day!

Don Bergquist – June 25, 2012 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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Barbara said...

and the word I would use here is Chutzpah.