Monday, June 04, 2012

One Man’s Weed…

…is another man’s wildflower!

I went up into the mountains this weekend to see what was happening and what was in bloom and to see what pictures I could get. It was a lovely time and a great day to be in the mountains.

The problem is that I do not really know what any of these things are. Google Goggles goes a bit of a way as to identifying what the flowers I found are called, but it doesn’t help me to figure-out what they are!

I want to do some planting this spring and am looking for some wildflowers to use in my area of the complex. The thinking is that I want to xerascape in my area and to do that, the use of native plants would help me to get to water-neutral usage.

The problem is that according to one website, some of the flowers I like the best are noxious weeds. Some of the websites I have found call them wildflowers. It would not be so confusing if the websites weren’t official ones.

The USDA calls Dalmatian Toadflax a noxious weed, while the official website for the Colorado State Parks calls it a wild flower telling you where to see it.  So, what is one to believe? I suppose I can go to the shops and see if anyone sells it. That should tell me the situation.

Wherever you are today, I hope that you had a lovely weekend.


Don Bergquist – June 04, 2012 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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