Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers’ Day Memories: Part III ~ …And Now My Version

As a sort-of homage to my Dad for Fathers’ Day, I have been presenting you with a story that is well known and well loved in my family since Saturday. On Saturday I started by giving the background and then yesterday I related the events of the story to you as Dad insists they actually happened.

But every story has two sides and each person has their own memory of events. Yesterday as is fitting for Fathers' Day, I related the story as I have heard it related MANY times by my Dad.

What follows is my recollection of the way it REALLY happened. While the key points are more-or-less the same, I think you will spot that Dad and I differ in some subtle ways that don’t really change the story that much. See if you can spot the differences…

Dad got the coolest car ever! It was a big white convertible and we’d get to ride all the way to Chicago in it! I was so excited for a road trip alone with Dad all to myself! We left early in the morning and started heading north up US Highway 27 through the sugar cane fields and beyond out of Florida. The trip was uneventful and we made good time; by pushing it our first night’s stop was in southern Kentucky.

We stayed that night in a Motor Lodge with a pool and a restaurant! This was so cool, I had no idea what my siblings had done on their way to Minnesota but I bet it wasn’t this cool. They even served us dinner right there in the lobby of the hotel! Is that too cool or what!?

The next morning as we were getting ready for the road, I made Daddy his coffee and then the rain started. It was pouring and wanting to keep Dad out of the rain; I took the keys off the dresser and went out to put-up the top on the car.

We made it to Chicago in good time, considering how much it was raining, but I could tell that dad was anxious about something. I guessed it was grown-up stuff and followed Dad as he bought tickets and we made our way to the gate to wait for our plane. I’d been to the Miami Airport before, but the Chicago O’Hare field was a new experience! There was so much to see and to look at.

They called our plane and Daddy had some kind of an argument with the gate lady. He finally thrust me at her and walked away. I started crying and they let me sit in First Class while Daddy went to the back of the plane.

In Minneapolis I told Dad I was thirsty so he told me to go get us some malts. I waited for him to show-up but he took so long that I decided to drink mine before it melted. Later when he did show-up he was grumpy and he didn’t want his malt anymore.

Then I saw the coolest thing ever! There were these big kids smoking and playing this game in the bus station – it had bells and flashing lights and when I asked Dad if I could watch he shrugged and said nothing so I went to watch. Daddy came to get me and we got back in line a little later.

But that game they were playing looked so fun, so I went over watch some more, this time, Daddy came over and told me to stand in line with him and for NO REASON WHATSOEVER he swatted me! And then this nice old lady who was standing behind us made the same comment to Daddy that I had heard my parents make to us so many times:

“It’s not nice to hit people.” She said to my Daddy.

“Some people can mind their own damn business!” getting mad at this nice lady totally out of nowhere!

You see, my Dad and I remember things SLIGHTLY differently, but essentially, the two stories are the same. Did you spot the differences? No? I didn’t think so. It had to do with what color the car was!

Wherever you are today I hope that you have happy memories of Fathers’ Day!

Don Bergquist – June 18, 2012 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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Editor’s Note:

English is such a fun and exciting language. Here is one point of clarification. When the author writes: “ I have been presenting you with a story that is well known and well loved in my family since Saturday” me means by that to indicate not that the story has been in the family since Saturday but that he is long-winded enough that it has taken him three days to relate this tale to you.

The author wishes to apologize for any confusion his choice of words may have caused.