Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travelogue Toronto – Day 3: Snow Day

It is inevitable; the warmer it is at your destination, the colder it will be at your origination! The nicer the weather is where you're headed the worse it is where you are. If it is sunny and warm, say, at home. There is a blizzard and freezing rain on the road.

The seasoned traveler knows that you should travel dressed for your destination, but on a morning like this I say "Piffle! I'm dressing for the mess outside my hotel window, thank you very much!"

It may be sixty degrees (fifteen Celsius) and clear (if windy) in Denver, but it is three below (twenty six Fahrenheit) and snowing here in Toronto. There are only ten centimeters (about four inches) of snow predicted today but the news is reporting problems on the roads, the bus and rail lines, and out at the airport. That's mostly because the rain continued to fall yesterday as the temperatures dropped and that left icy conditions under the snow that is now hiding how slick the roads are. Yeah!

There are bright spots; I am in cabs today, so if there are accidents, I don’t have to deal with them on the road. There will be fewer busses and cars on the road because many of the area schools have declared Snow Days. Yeah, man! There are always bright spots; you just have to look for them.

Well, it is my last day here in Toronto so I have a lot of things that remain to be done before I can step onto a plane with a clear conscience so I have to get packed and get into the office. And that will take more time the longer I let this snow fall. So, I had best post this and get moving.

Wherever you are this morning, I wish you a lovely day, a snow day, or both!

Don Bergquist – 23 March 2011 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back in the state!

Cathy W

Don Bergquist said...


Thanks! It's good to be back in the state and back in The States!

It is much nicer here than there. Though I have been told that the storm moved on about the time that I was leaving and that today it is absolutely lovely there. Ah well! It's all in the timing!

Thanks for welcoming me home and thanks for reading and commenting!