Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Travelogue Toronto – Day 2: Rain

I guess I have been here when the weather was worse! All I can really say about the weather here this trip is that it has been cold and gloomy. Of course, I have seen it really cold here!

The prediction for the day was a fairly nice one; twelve degrees (Celsius – that's in the low fifties Fahrenheit), overcast skies, nothing too bad. The reality was that it got not much over freezing. And it drizzled all day. It was a miserable day.

Of course, it is early spring in the northern reaches of the continent. It is supposed to be cold and miserable here. At least it's not snowing.

Things to do today: I need to get to Tim Horton's it's not so much for their doughnuts (which are excellent but not really the reason I go there). It's the Coffee. Timmy's coffee is the bomb! I cannot come up here without bringing a couple pounds home.

Excuse me while I do my Homer Simpson parody: "Ohhh! Coffee!" it almost makes the weather worth it!

Wherever you are I hope you have something that makes your day worthwhile!

Don Bergquist – 22 March 2011 – Toronto, Ontario, USA

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