Saturday, April 23, 2005

Party Time!

You could not ask for lovelier weather! What a day!

I finished the shopping for the party early this morning and started making the food for the party before Brian and Jen got up this morning. (Yes, as those of you who know me, I am a morning person. I tend to get up well before sunrise.)

After a light breakfast (what they call in the UK, the continental breakfast – fruit, yogurt, toast, cereals, coffee and juice) Brian and I went out to get the beer, while Jen (what a sweet person) decided to vacuum for me! (Once again, Jen, that was really not necessary!)

Later this morning, after we had gotten all the preparations accomplished, Brian did an evil thing to me. He convinced me to do something I wanted to do but was unable to justify doing. He told me it was “a guy thing so go ahead – you know you want to.” So I ran out to the electronics store shortly before the party and bough the wireless speakers I wanted to buy – I had been thinking about it for weeks but kept convincing myself not to buy them. I spent the first half-hour after my guests started arriving getting them all hooked-up.

The party was lovely. I think we had about twenty-five people all-told show up. Saga was her own bad self and kept begging people to give her the odd carrot, bit of cheese, anything that she could con them out of. There was plenty of beer and food and everyone seemed to have a great time.

After the guests left, Brian and Jen and Kathi and I stayed-up to play a game of taboo. I do not know who pasted the score sheet to the ‘fridge showing that Kathi and I had won two of the three games we played. Later, we retired to the living room with our coffee and sat up late chatting. What a lovely day. You could not have asked for better.

I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you are!

Don Bergquist – 23-April-2005 – Lakewood, Colorado

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