Sunday, September 22, 2013

Here's A Shocker For You (NOT!)

Wayne LaPierre from the NRA once again went onto the national media to give voice once again that the solution to the gun violence of the past week is to get MORE guns on the streets. 
While I can agree that the healthcare system in this country is woefully inadequate (that is something else that the political right is constantly fighting to keep broken - but that is a screed for another day) but fighting that this tragedy should not even consider controlling access to guns is grossly disingenuous! 

The other thing that makes no sense about the course of action he is always preaching is this: He wants NO BACKGROUND CHECKS. But then he complains that crazy people get guns. So what is he proposing? There is no way to exclude crazy people from entering all the background-check-free places that he wants. So those people who should not (by his own argument) have guns will still have a free path to acquire them. 

On average, there has been one mass-shooting per day this year. When will enough be enough!? The NRA recently orchestrated the first successful recall EVER in Colorado of two legislators who had the effrontery to vote their conscience and at least try to help cut-down on the kind of violence we had had just had to live through in that Aurora movie theater. 

Wayne LaPierre thinks the gun control debate is over. I believe it has yet to begin. 

Wherever you are today, I hope that you are safe and sound! 

Don Bergquist - September 22, 2013 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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