Saturday, February 02, 2013

Travelogue: London - Departure

My packing was concluded the night before last. Everything that I need at home was in my suitcases other than what I wore to work yesterday (which I packed last night), my PJs and toiletries (this morning), and what I am now wearing. Yes, I can be a bit fastidious, but as I see it: That is planning for you! I am a planner.

 So, this morning, I got up early not because I necessarily wanted to – I just don’t sleep well on the days that I travel. I have never been able to suss this one out, but I have also never worried about it overly either.

So, I made my acquaintance with my usual morning companion: Coffee. I then started the tablet and played three games of Scrabble (two wins, one loss) and decided to take a walk around the neighborhood for a while. It is a lovely morning and it should be a good day to travel.

I am meeting my colleagues for breakfast in about a half-hour; the car is due at half-eight. So I guess I should pack this away, do my usual (OCD) habit of checking everywhere that I might have put something and then forgotten it, and go check out.

Actually, this is probably not a bad idea! I have no reason why I this is, but I have MORE room in my luggage on the way home than I had when I came here. My suitcase is actually weighing lighter now than it did two weeks ago an aside from having used up my conditioner, shampoo, body wash, and mouthwash, I cannot account for this.

Wherever you are I wish you safe travels wherever your road takes you today!

Don Bergquist - 02 February 2013 - Maida Vale, London, United Kingdom

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