Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Morning And All Is Well...

An update from Minnesota on my dad's progress.

Good morning, all!

It is just after seven in the morning in Kensington, Minnesota and I am using the lull in activity to write the daily update. Yesterday was a busy one, this morning was also a flurry of activity. but right now I am sitting here watching the sun slowly paint the trees across the lake gold.

Mary is on her way back to South Florida, she should be home by mid-afternoon today. It would hearten her to know that as I sit here it is already above 40-degrees and on its way to a respectable temperature mid-sixties. This morning started at what I like refer to as "Butt-Ugly-Early o'Clock" -- Mary and I got up to leave for town so she could catch the shuttle. Dad and Flo got up long enough to chat, have a cuppa, and see us off. I returned an hour later to a dark house awash in the susurrations of sleep. Saga, snoozing where I left here; Sunshine asleep taking up the center of the living room; my folks off in the back of the house. I gave in and rejoined them in slumber.

This morning, Dad awoke long enough to turn on the television and promptly fall asleep to the inane sounds of the morning news/chat show. Sunshine stirred just enough to place herself under her master's hand to provide a pediment that he could passively pet as he slept. Flo arose only long enough to determine where Dad and the dog had disappeared to and then returned to the arms of Morpheus.
I suppose that they have a reason to have a nap this morning -- yesterday was a BUSY day!
We rose at a reasonable hour and enjoyed each other's company over coffee and chat until it was time to start the day in earnest. The first activity of the day was for Dad and Flo (accompanied by Sunshine) to dash into Holmes City (that hyperbolically named collection of a few houses and a general store that is the nearest supplier of provisions and gossip) to pick-up a few things.

We all piled into my car shortly before eleven and headed into Bellas On Broadway for the annual Korkowski Cousins' Lunch. It was a fun day with food (LOTS OF FOOD), fun, and family. Old stories and photos were sprinkled around the room and it was really a fun time! There was a full afternoon of fun and then, around two, we returned home for a nap... saving up our energy for what-else... Dinner with Dad's sisters and my cousin at Chet's Lakeside Inn.

Of course, after a huge Italian lunch, the thing to wrap it all up would be fried chicken, and Chet's famous coleslaw. We got to the restaurant early and waited for Elaine, Jenny, and Dirk at the bar. We had a good evening, again sharing stories and catching-up and then headed home around nine.

So, after a day of food, family, and fun it is no surprise that the parental units are sleeping in, now is it? But from the sound on the television I can tell that the obligatory viewing of CBS Sunday Morning is nearly here, I expect to hear them moving any moment now. Today there is nothing special on the agenda.
Tomorrow, we have a Doctor's appointment, lab work, and the commencement of the next dose of chemo. Today, I think we will largely just loll about a bit, perhaps work ourselves up to lounging about, and maybe, if the energy builds to a fervor later on, we might even work ourselves up to sitting around and playing cards. Gotta get up our strength to tomorrow.

Dad asks that I thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers and know that if he were awake to say so, he would even say to tell everyone how much fun he had hearing the old stories yesterday.

Wherever you are today, I hope you're getting the chance to spend time with family and friends!

Don Bergquist - October 14, 2012 - Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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