Monday, February 01, 2010

Suburban Renewal

It has been a noisy weekend at the Bergquist Household. The re-roofing project has been going on all week and Saturday it finally hit my end of the complex. (The roofs had to be replaced after a particularly damaging hail storm this summer damaged the roofs on all twenty-six buildings.)I went off to run an errand on Saturday morning and could not get back into my garage because the roofers had taken over the parking lot before I could return.

At least I could get out. The neighbor of mine who parks behind where that slab of plywood is located had to find a team supervisor to get someone to move the materials they had stacked in front of her car so that she could leave.

Unfortunately, Saturday was an early morning for me, so by mid day I really wanted a nap! Some trick with all the thumping and banging going on… directly above my bedroom! But somehow, I did get the nap in!

Luckily, the weekend was a lovely one and Saga and I spent much of the time while the activity was going on outside in the park, we even hopped into the car and went out to the drive in for lunch. In short, it was a lovely day and great weekend!

Wherever you were this weekend, I hope it was lovely!

Don Bergquist – February 01, 2010 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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