Monday, July 20, 2009

Well, That Was Wierd!

It was such a lovely, warm evening when I turned-in a couple hours ago. That all changed about an hour after I turned-in...

I'm not really sure what woke me-up, but a couple minutes after I came to consciousness I noticed the wind. The wet air slamming the trees around outside made for a surreal sound this late at night.

It was then that the weather radio went off. "Tornado warning for all of Jefferson County! Get to an internal room away from windows."

There was no further warning. I ran to the windows to shut them to keep out the suddenly pouring rain and got to the inside rooms. Suddenly a whole army of hammers was pounding on the roof. The walls were yelling with every report of each hailstone. It was about ten o'clock. By ten thirty it was all over. There were about six inches of hail stacked against the doors keeping me in. Once I could prize the door open, it was clear that this had been quite a storm.

Small branches and leaves are down. The ground is covered with a m̩lange of hailstones ranging from 1/2 Р3/4" in diameter. The weathermen are saying that there was a tornado just north of here. The eastern skies, as I was checking-out the damage, were still flashing angrily.

It was the suddenness of it all that everyone is talking about. Good, it's not just me that thinks this was all a bit odd! Ah well, I guess I should head back off to bed. Morning will come early! At least I haven't lost power as they are saying is rife all around me!

Wherever you are tonight, I hope that you're safe and sound at home!

Don Bergquist – July 20, 2009 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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