Sunday, June 19, 2005

Siblings (The Early Years)

One of my earliest memories is of a trip to Minnesota on Summer Vacation. It was late at night (I remember it being dark and that far north, in the summer that makes it at least 21:30) and we were driving across Wisconsin somewhere. We had stopped early for a bit of root beer from an A&W Drive-In.

I remember being with my siblings in the back seat of the station wagon Mom and my brothers and sister were all asleep as Dad drove on through the night listening to a radio mystery play. After a bit of straining trying to listen along, I crawled over the back of the front seat and snuggled-up next to Daddy and listened along with him. I loved it!

I remember the way the station fuzzed-out as we drove under the power lines, the way the stars shone in the dark sky and the way that the air felt blowing in through the vent windows. I think that my starting my radio/television degree in college was a done-deal that night. This may be the reason I love listening to books on tape as I drive across country and why I love driving when it is dark out!

I hope that you can spend some time with your father today wherever you are!

Don Bergquist - 19-June-2005 - Lakewood, Colorado

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