Sunday, February 02, 2014

You Would Think...

You would think that via rabid apathy, and willfully separating myself from it by half the globe, I could ignore and escape the idiot parade that is the Super Bowl. But no!

The pub in my town is having a super bowl watching party; as are approximately half the pubs that I pass on the way to the office. And then, this weekend, some idiot in a Broncos jersey walked straight into me on Circular Quay on Saturday. I was standing at the map board, studying the ferry schedule and this moron, talking on a mobile walks straight into me.

And before you tell me to cut the guy some slack, he was just not paying attention! Had I not been there, he would have walked bang into the map board. So, no – I don’t take it personally, but he was certainly NOT paying attention and should have been.

At least he apologized. After a fashion...

He mumbled “oops” and then went on with his conversation, telling the person on the other end in a definitely Midwestern (US) Accent “no, I just nearly walked off the pier!”

I’d be willing to bet that that wasn’t ‘Manning’ as it would seem from his jersey that he wanted the world to believe. AH, well! It’s Monday morning here and the Super Bowl will be over soon enough, I guess!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you’re having a great day (and not serving as a barricade for a Bozo)!

Don Bergquist – 03 February 2014 – Glebe, New South Wales, Austra

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