Wednesday, February 05, 2014

How Un-American!

Being a traveler, and not a tourist, it should not surprise me when a place that I am visiting on business turns out NOT to be “American,” but it still sometimes surprises me on HOW it occurs to me that it isn’t like home. Take this morning…

From the NT News
On the morning news this morning, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) had this story about locals in a town called Livingston mooning a train as it passed on the route’s 10th anniversary. Now, what caught my attention was not the story, but the reaction of one of the hosts to the story.

The host was shocked and appalled – said she could not have imagined anyone doing such a thing.

I am sure that this says far more about me and about the states than it says about her and Australia, but until her reaction, this story was a yawner to me. (Other than the thought that Australia still has inter-city passenger rail service and the thought that if they can make it profitable, we can’t we in America?)

Is it really so odd to think that a town might not be welcoming of a train that runs through their town? Is mooning really such a rare means of protest here?

Heck! I’ve never been on the California Zypher when it wasn’t mooned just outside Glenwood Springs! Some times, the places you visit can be so alien!

Wherever you are today, I hope you feel at home! 

Don Bergquist – 05 February 2014 – Glebe, New South Wales, Australia

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