Monday, September 05, 2011

Life In Lakewood

I saw the sign but it really didn't register – it was like oh so many other signs you see at the side of the road. "Lemonade $1," "Lost Dog," "Garage Sale ==>," "Open House Sunday 10-2" and the like. They sprout by the side of the road like dandelions as each weekend approaches each vying for your attention for the short, weekend-long, growing season. It didn’t register to me at all that the hand-written sign was of a totally different ilk.

I went off on my walk and did a nice long hike in the park and it wasn't until I was almost home again that it re-entered my mind. It was then that I saw the canopy and the banners. Someone had really gone all-out. But it wasn't until the next morning that I really got a good look at the sign. It wasn't books, brick-a-brack, or beverages being advertised.

As I set out on my walk yesterday morning I noticed the sign again, hand-printed, cheaply made, and scotch-taped to the crosswalk sign. It was clearly advertising vaccinations. It crossed my mind that it was odd to be selling vaccinations from a pavilion on the sports field at the elementary school like some sort of rummage sale.

I had to laugh when I got back and grab my camera to take these shots; you see… I finally realized that they weren't school shots. It was the Lakewood department of Animal Control vaccinating the local dogs against the kinds of diseases they are likely to get should they have too intimate interaction with the Coyote, Skunk, and Prairie Dog populations of the park.

Actually, had Saga not been up on her vaccinations already (as she is required to be in order to be kenneled in this state) I would have considered walking over with her. But there it is. No. They do not have roadside medical plans here in Colorado!

Wherever you are today, I hope you have seen something that made you chuckle.

Don Bergquist – September 05, 2011 – Home, Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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