Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reasons To Carry A Camera

It is well known to my family and friends that I am seldom outside the reach of at least one of the five cameras I own. There is a reason for this: you never know when a photo-op will present itself.

Take this morning, for example. Saga and I were on our usual morning stroll, she checking-out ‘her’ park (checking the pee-mail, as I have heard it put), me just enjoying the cool, still of the morning when I saw a curious sight off to the west.

On Estes Street the traffic was backing up and coming to a halt. I could not for the life of me suss-out a reason for it. Estes is a two-lane road that used to be a farming road. We’re about as far west of the city as you can get before you enter the wilderness, and there is no real reason for heavy traffic – especially not before six in the morning! So I stared to drift off toward the west to see if I could see what was going on.

I have to say, we have a lot of wildlife in the area, but elk are not a common sighting! These two lovely beasts came proudly strolling across the road as if they owned it. They then began to graze in the prairie dog patch across the road from my home.

They are majestic animals and the crowd of admirers grew and migrated around the corner to the bus stop on Yale Avenue as the beasts made their way east through the park. I called a neighbor that I know is also an early riser so she could enjoy the scene.

Getting the pictures was not easy with Saga tugging constantly on the leash. Half the time she acted as if she wanted to go herd them for me, the other half she walked toward home, bored with the spectacle and the crowds. At one point, there were half-a-dozen cars splayed across the road at the bus stop; they sat driverless as their occupants snapped photos with their cell phone cameras.

What little traffic remained to move along Yale Avenue picking its way carefully through the impromptu parking area. The elk continued east, displaying no sign of haste or real aim in their amblings. They seemed to be in no rush to be anywhere and didn’t seem to care that they were causing what passes for a ruckus in my sleepy little corner of the world.

Have I mentioned before that this is the reason I love living here?

The elk eventually made their way down to the crosswalk at the corner of Dover and Yale and then (looking both ways and crossing with caution) made their way into the schoolyard. They had their agenda, I had mine. I had to get off to work. But what a morning it was. Let this be a lesson: always carry a camera! You never know when you might need it!

Wherever you are this morning, I hope your day holds pleasant surprises.

Don Bergquist – June 28, 2011 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA


Becky Williams said...

Don, I'm so glad you caught this scene. I saw a couple in the park last summer in the middle of the morning! I couldn't believe it, but I didn't take a pic, so I didn't have the proof. I especially like the pic with the Westgate School sign in the background...excellent!

Don Bergquist said...

Hey, Becky!

Yeah, it was awesome - you should have seen the traffic along Yale. Everyone was stopping to stare!