Sunday, May 01, 2011

Website Updates Completed

This weekend has been a bit of a wash-out as far as the weather is concerned.

Friday night there just after sunset it started snowing. It was really coming down hard when Saga and I went out for our walk around nine and the new aspen trees I planted just the afternoon before were covered in a white sheen.

They're fine. It was just cold enough to be snowing but just warm enough that the snow was melting as fast as it was falling. Saturday was cold and wet, it snowed lightly in the morning and even after it stopped, it was cold the entire day so I got to spend time indoors; doing housework, and fiddling around with my website mostly. So, yes. I have made some changes to my website. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Today, it is cold again, not as cold, but it was frosty as Saga and I took our morning walk. I do believe that I will be spending the day indoors again today. Oh well, it gives me the opportunity to get more done around the house that I would otherwise avoid in favor of spending time out-of-doors!

Wherever you are today, I hope that your weather is conducive to getting done whatever it is you need to do.

Don Bergquist – May 01, 2011 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA


Anonymous said...

I like the slideshow on your website. It shows the things that you seem to be most interested in (people and animals). I know that you are also interested in politics and the law but those are also people related.

It looks like you took out the place on your blog where you see the name of the city where you are logging in from. I found that to be very interesting because when I used different wifi connections with my smart phone I could see where the servers were by logging into your blog. All in all the changes look pretty good.

Anonymous Reader

Don Bergquist said...

Dear Anonymous Reader,

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! Thank you also for the feedback on my website.

I am glad you like the slideshow, watch for changes. I really should do some new pix in the slide show next month. Though, you did forget on important interest of mine which is represented in the show: A Good Party!

You read my blog on a smart phone? Hmmm…

I assume that you are referring to my byline (which has always appeared at the bottom of the entries) when you say that I have removed "the place on your blog where you see the name of the city where you are logging in from." The format for my byline has, since early in the history of my blog (since January 2005, perhaps earlier) has been "Don Bergquist – [Date Of Posting][Location Of Posting]."

The byline has always appeared on blog entries that include an actual article. They are absent on those entries that contain only birthday or holiday greetings. This does still appear on the blog… as it does on the article you posed this comment to: "…Wherever you are today, I hope that your weather is conducive to getting done whatever it is you need to do.

Don Bergquist – May 01, 2011 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

The change is that a month-or-two ago I switched to using jump breaks in my postings, after the first paragraph of the story on the main blog you should see a Read more>> link at the bottom of these posts that will take you to the entire story.

Does this not appear on a smart phone? Sorry, for someone who does what I do, I am somewhat of a Luddite. I do not own a smart phone and tend not to buy technology that I consider to be superfluous. I am sure that I may some day see an advantage to having a phone that is more than a phone, but at the moment, I'm happy if my phone works as a phone.

If this is not what you mean by removing the place where you can see where I am blogging from, please let me know. I am curious.

Again, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting on my comment. I’m sorry that I forgot to include among your characteristics that you like a good party. I was aware of that fact from reading your blog. And I wouldn’t be surprised if in the Denver area there is a common saying that goes something like “the party doesn’t start until Don gets here”.

I appreciated you wishing me to have weather conducive with whatever I need to do today. Your comment reminded me that due to the fact that the weather where I am at is not very good today, it would be a very good day to finish a project that I need to do that needs to be done inside. If I finish my project today I won’t feel guilty about going out hiking a little bit tomorrow if the weather is good.

When I mentioned that I could no longer see where I was logging into your blog from I guess I said something like “you cannot see the server where you are logging in from”. I did not mean the server where you are logging in from. I can see that. For about a week I have not been able to see where I and your other readers are logging in from. That happens both when I log in with my smart phone and when I log in from my computer (and by the way, my smart phone is able to read your postings in the new format. The new format saves space on the website and I think it makes sense). I see at the bottom of the web page the total number of visitors from various countries (with flags of the countries), but I cannot see the name of the city where the server that I am logging in from is located. For example, it used to be fun to see the entry for the city that I had just logged in from and also see that the previous reader who had logged in to your blog had logged in one hour earlier from Islamabad or New South Wales, Sydney, etc. Some of the countries that your users (readers) have been logging in from are countries that I have never heard of so I look them up in Wikipedia. Is that feature still there in the background on your blog and I am just missing it?

Thanks again for commenting on my comment and I hope that the weather in Denver today is really bad if you need to be inside and really good if you plan to be outside.


Don Bergquist said...

Dear Anonymous Reader,

Thanks again for the comment. Done! The feed widget is back.

The weather has been really nice and I have been spending most of my day outside doing work in the garden. Today is another matter. Since the rain started about 24-hours ago, my rain gauge has collected more than an inch of water.

We've had rain, snow, sleet, and gropple today. It is still coming down outside and according to the weather forecast, we are supposed to get a lot more tonight! (Yeah! All my new trees are getting all the water they need!!!)

Thanks again for the comments and the feedback, Anonymous Reader!


Don Bergquist said...

Dear Anonymous Reader,

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. And I seriously thank you for your feedback on the format change. Due to your feedback, I have returned the feed widget to the blog.

Thanks again for following my blog!