Monday, April 04, 2011

Winter Weather?

One can really never get tired of the weather in Colorado; there is no time to do so! That is, unless you get bored of the constant variety!

This weekend was one of extremes. On Saturday we hit a record high temperature. The thermometer on my patio hit 85! Not bad for a springtime temperature when spring is only a week-or-so old, eh?

Sunday yesterday morning, as I was sipping my coffee, petting the dog, reading the papers, and half-watching the television, the weather forecaster said that we had reached the high temperature for the day. What!? I thought to myself, I could not have heard that correctly!

I looked at the clock, it was not half seven yet! I stopped my reading, petting, and sipping activities and reached for the remote to back-up and hear what she had just said again. Yep. She had said that by 07:20 yesterday morning we had reached our high temperature for the day. I looked over at the thermometer read-out. It was seventy-two degrees on the patio!

Was this really as warm as it was going to get? I was still wearing the sandals, shorts, and Hawaiian shirt that I had worn to walk with Saga in her park earlier. But the bummer of it was that the weather forecaster went on to predict snowfall by sunset!

I decided that I could read the papers later. I poured some coffee into a travel mug and headed out to run my errands. Had I known that the temperatures were to fall as they would, I probably would have thought twice about how I was dressed. But I didn’t, so I didn’t!

Imagine my chagrin as the weather got more and more overcast and noticeably cooler with each stop. But the big shock was when I emerged with the weekly shop from the grocers to discover that I was wearing sandals, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt in a full-blown snowstorm! The big, wet flakes stuck to my legs as I walked back to the car.

Another patron of the gas station and I commented on the change in the weather as I filled my tank at the gas station on my way home. “I was at the Rockies game yesterday sweating!” he said “Can you believe the change?” He then took another look at how I was dressed and added “No, I can see you can’t!”

On the upside, we got about a third-of-an-inch of rain (0.32”) in the rain gauge. That should help the couple of fires we have burning! And it was lovely! This morning the roads ar eclean and dry while all the grassy areas and the mountains have taken on a silvery-white coating.

Wherever you are today, I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Don Bergquist – April 04, 2011 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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