Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy Times

I cannot believe how busy I have been of late. Of course, it is MUCH better than the alternative!

Aside from a couple spur-of-the-moment trips, one on family business – one on client business, I have been being kept busy in town. Saga has had me inspecting her park with her on a regular basis and I have been planning what I will be doing with my springtime weekends as soon as the chance of late snow has(if not actually passed) be reduced to a safe level. I want to do some planting this spring.

I have to replace some trees that were damaged a couple years ago when we had a hailstorm that took out every roof in the complex. It had looked as the year went on as if they might come back, but they didn't survive the winter. They were barren all last year.

I was going to plant them this past weekend because the weather that was predicted was supposed to be liquid, but both mornings it started out as snow and I could think of quite a few things I would rather be doing on a snowy morning than get out-of-doors and dig holes in my yard!

So that project remains to be done. But the day today is lovely and, yes, it was a great time to have done it had I gotten around to it. My rain gauge showed a third of an inch of rain this weekend. That is the second weekend in a row that we have had had, what is for around here, a pretty significant rainfall.

So this weekend, I did indoor housework… that is on Sunday. Saturday I was feeling under the weather and I slept under the duvet all day. (…and a lovely day it was for staying under the covers!) But now I have to somehow plan on how to do all the things I have been planning in my yard. Again it appears from the weather forecast that the week will be lovely and the weekend will be (as my British friends would say…) "shite."

Wherever you are today I hope the weather where you are is conducive to whatever you have planned.

Don Bergquist – April 25, 2011 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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