Monday, September 14, 2009

Childlike Glee

"Look!" Screamed James after his daddy and I had let his announcement go unheeded for the third time. His daddy, a neighbor of mine, and I were discussing things that the Homeowner's Association had planned for the community and James' dad had shushed him each time he had interrupted our conversation.

"I found a penny. It was right here on the floor. I picked it up!"

We turned to look at James as he squatted down next to the coffee table, from beneath which he had just retrieved the coin. He was petting Saga, who looked relieved to no longer have his whole attention.

"Really!" James went on to explain. "It was just there on the floor and I picked it up!"

"Why don't you keep it, James." I said.

"Wow! Really" He said, turning to his dad. "He said I could keep it!"

It was more to shush the child so we could finish our discussion than anything else, but apparently it was a big thing to the child. I hadn't really thought what it would mean to him; the glee that he would receive the gift with. It was nothing to me but to him, it might as well have been a stack of bills a mile high.

What a world it must be when the gift of a penny is still a remarkable and wonderful thing. Can you remember those days?

Wherever you are today, I hope that you'll notice the little things in life.

Don Bergquist – September 14, 2009 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA


Sara Lynne said...

My great aunts used to pay Fritz a penny for every minute he would refrain from talking in the car ;)

Don Bergquist said...

If your brother was anything like he is today back then...