Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Letter

Anybody can write Christmas cards and send them out before the holidays. Well, anybody but me, apparently! In my own defense, it has been quite a year, right down to the wire.

The year started normally enough, I worked on getting caught-up from the unfinished business of last year, did a little work around the home, and updated my website with my favorite pictures of the previous year. At work I was trying to figure-out whether I was going to have a job as they kept canceling projects that I was assigned to. It was an interesting time. And as we all know there is an ancient oriental curse that says: “May you live in interesting times.”
In the winter I got assigned to a new project that had (and still does) the capacity of completely changing the way that my company does business. We have started a new development project that has changed the methods we use and the conceptual methods we use to create new software. It was a big step outside my comfort zone, but it has been a great move! I’m loving my new position.

I did get to meet-up with friends and family this past year. I made my annual pilgrimage to the beach to spend some time with my best friend and his family. While there, my old roommate and his family were also in South Carolina so I got to spend time with them as well!

Self Portrait in London

I got back to Minnesota for Dad’s annual spring/birthday party. It was a nice surprise to see that both my brothers made the party as well! We all had a great time!
I also got to host my parents as they came through Denver on their way to Western Colorado for a visit to my Brother Denis and his family who took a tour of the western sites this summer. I then joined them as they drove across the state to Durango, Colorado. Denis and his family had rented a cabin outside Durango where we based ourselves as we explored Mesa Verde and the local mountains.

I did spend a short time in the hospital following the visit. I may never know the actual cause of my illness, but I suspect that I had an allergic reaction to a spider bite combined with an infection at the site of the bite.

One of the highlights of my year was my business trip to the United Kingdom at the end of the year. I spent four weeks working with one of our offices over there and doing some sightseeing when not at the office. I got to see lots of cool things. Since this was my first trip there, I started a web log. You can see it at:

It has been a good year and I am looking forward to more of the same this year. I sincerely hope that you and your family have a wonderful new year filled with all manner of good things!

Don Bergquist - 01 January, 2005 - Lakewood, Colorado

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