Sunday, May 01, 2016

Low-Information Voters

Anyone who was not already aware that the main voting contingent of the Republican Front-Runner was basically the lowest of the low information voters, you should need no more information that was presented this week when NPR interviewed Bobby Knight on why he is supporting Donald Trump.

The problem is not that Mr. Knight is not entitled to an opinion – nor is it that his opinion differs from mine! The problem with the story was that it failed to point-out its own inner inconsistency! Mr. Knight stated that his reason for supporting Mr. Trump was that he (Knight) longs to “…return to a time when he could be proud of America…” Forget for a matter that whenever the political Right pines for the past they seem to ignore all the BAD things about the past and are vague about which GOOD parts of the past they long for. Mr. Knight followed this same pattern and could offer no specifics whatsoever as to this halcyon past he was pining for.

When the interviewer asked Mr. Knight what his thoughts were about the presumptive nominee on the Democratic Side his immediate response was to call her unacceptable and to mention (without any elaboration) “Benghazi.” The interviewer went on to ask Mr. Knight what he thought the domestic policy “President Trump” should be to improve the state of the country. Without hesitation, he said that he had no idea. I nearly had to pull over, I was laughing so hard.

Why are we being presented with this person as having any meaningful input on the election!? Other than as an illustration of the typical Low-Information Voter, he adds nothing meaningful to the discussion of the issues of the day.

Five seconds of time on Google would have provided Mr. Knight with the information he needed to see that “Benghazi” is nothing but a distraction for the Right. The fact of the matter is that the whole investigation was done and over quite some time ago. Even the Republicans behind the Benghazi hearings have admitted (if accidentally) that the investigations were ginned-up to tarnish Ms. Clinton’s reputation.

That same five seconds of time would have gone a long way to illustrate that all the supposed “honesty” and “genuineness” of Donald Trump is nothing but show. The problem is that Mr. Trump does NOT tell it like it is – his go-to position is to play to the Homophobia, Islamophobia, Misogyny, and Racism that is rampant among his followers.

Telling it like it is” is not the same thing as pandering to the basest elements of the underbelly of our society! To say that Mr. Trump has not more than a passing acquaintance with the truth is overstating his relationship with reality!

Wherever you are today, please take five seconds learn something.

Don Bergquist – May 01, 2016 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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