Sunday, October 18, 2015


Why does the political right in the US insist on running wholly unqualified candidates!? 

It was bad enough when they ran actual politicians who simply had bad ideas. Now they are running people who have NO idea how the government or the economy works! Today, I want to talk to the “flavor-of-the-week” no matter how many stupid things Dr. Carson says, he gains popularity on the right. 

I am listening to him speak on one of the talking heads shows – let’s ignore the fact that he always acts stoned when he talks, this morning he answered a question about the invasion of Afghanistan by railing against the war in Iraq. When the host pointed-out that the question was about Afghanistan, he responded that he wanted to answer a question about Iraq. He also made a comment that shows he has no real clear concept about what drives the cost of healthcare in the US.

When asked about his earlier stand that insurance companies should be limited in the amount of profits they are allowed to earn, he disowned it and adopted the right’s Supply-Side Economic outlook on Healthcare. He wants to cut the cost of healthcare not by actually doing anything that would control the cost of healthcare – but by making MORE money available for the healthcare companies to suck-up! His new idea on how to make healthcare affordable is by allowing people to have Health Savings Accounts. His argument seems to be that we would take the money we already spend on healthcare and push it through these accounts. 

The problem with this argument is that it does NOTHING to reduce the amount of money involved… changing the path by which the money changes hands doesn’t change the fact that you’re still spending the same amount. That class of grade-schoolers doesn’t get any smaller if they take a different crosswalk to get to the park across from the school. 

Strangely, he brought-up the foreign medical systems in that he said that medical school was free in Europe, but he seems to confuse the reason WHY medical school is free over there – Medical CARE is free over there! It is the single-payer system that most of the rest of the world has that holds-down the cost of healthcare. It is the fact that they NEED doctors that allows the governments to subsidize the education of doctors. 
Wherever you are today, I hope that you look at the substance of the things that the right is saying and not just the sound of it. 

Don Bergquist – October 18, 2015 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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