Sunday, August 16, 2015

Real or Reality Show?

trumpery [truhm-puh-ree]
noun, plural: trumperies.1. something without use or value; rubbish; trash; worthless stuff.
2. nonsense; twaddle: "His usual conversation is pure trumpery."
3. Archaic. worthless finery.
adjective,4. of little or no value; trifling, worthless; rubbishy; trashy.
Late Middle English/Middle French1425-1475; late Middle English trompery deceit < Middle French tromperie, equivalent to tromp (er) to deceive + -erie -ery

Talking to my brother yesterday on his birthday, we hit upon the topic of politics. In discussing the field of candidates on both sides, Denis made an observation that I had not yet come to on my own.

Mainly the reason I had missed this connection was that I see no inherent humor in the current political situation – If it were not so serious an issue, I would find it funny that the Republican Party has, for the last few months now, been running what are called “Image Ads” in the broadcast industry. These laughable ads basically tell you all the great things that the Republican Party stands for – things which even the most cursory perusal of their platform reveal them to be diametrically opposed to! But I digress…

The observation that Denis made was that a certain candidate (you’ll have to work-out who on your own… it should not be too difficult) is treating the whole march to the Republican nomination for the Presidential Race as just another of the RealiTV shows he is infamous for. Thinking about it, I have to agree. There seems to be no substance to what he is saying, it is all show.

He will build a wall between the US and Mexico to secure the boarder. He also says that he will get Mexico to pay for it. He will get a better deal out of Iran on the nuclear disarmament agreement. He will increase the production of the economy. He will reduce the unemployment rate. All of these sound great on the surface of them, but there is no substance to back them up. Where’s the detail on any of this?

Without supporting details these talking points are less a platform and more (again – throwing a broadcast industry term at you) "a teaser." It’s like on the “News” when they make some innocuous comment to keep you watching through the commercial break!

The fact that I find this man a buffoon is not as funny as the fact that he currently appears to have a chance at nomination is scary! New analysis that I have heard peg his chances at getting elected very low because his support (according to most analysts) is mainly among the Low Information Voters of the country. The problem is that these people seem to be an ever-growing population. Heck, there is even a whole “news” network that counts these LIVs as their bread and butter – but that is a rant for another time!

Wherever you are today, I hope you will make the effort to be an informed voter.

Don Bergquist – August 16, 2015 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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