Wednesday, May 06, 2015


eloquence (el•o•kwence)
1. fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.
"a preacher of great power and eloquence"
synonyms: fluency, articulateness, expressiveness, silver tongue, persuasiveness,forcefulness, power, potency, effectiveness

I wish I could vote for New York State Senator Diane Savino – This is a truly moving speech. one of my favorite parts were where, as a Catholic, she debunks the argument that equality in marriage rights may somehow force religions to recognize “gay marriage."
“The Catholic Church has the right to deny me the sacrament of Marriage if they feel that the person I choose to marry is unfit or our relationship does not meet their standards. City Hall does not have that right! … Religious institutions can continue to practice discrimination with respect to The sacrament of marriage.”
She goes on to talk about how the right bemoans the thought that the “definition of marriage” is changing or that somehow Marriage Equality belittles or destroys marriage. She argues that straight people have done quite a good job of that themselves:
“Put on Network TV. We’re giving away husbands on a game show! You can watch ‘The Bachelor’ where thirty desperate women compete to marry a forty-year-old man who has never been able to maintain a decent relationship in his life. We have ‘The Bachelorette’ in reverse, and my favorite show, which (thank god) only ran one season because it was truly distasteful; was ‘The Littlest Groom’ where thirty desperate women compete to marry a dwarf.
That’s what we’ve done to marriage in America.”
Her arguments are cogent and concise. It is mystifying why, in this day and age, the New York Senate failed to pass the bill.  Perhaps it is just that too many could not see the truth of her arguments. 

Wherever you are today, before you buy the party line – think about the truth; as Senator Savino says, the only fear is that gay people -if given equal rights - will treat the Sacrament of Marriage as heinously as the rest of us have for decades! 

Don Bergquist - May 06, 2015 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA 

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